Banc Transactions, Inc. is a direct Visa® and MasterCard® credit card processor. We serve the payment needs for merchants, sales organizations, financial institutions and government agencies. Banc Transactions processes credit and debit cards, gift and stored value cards, check transactions, and ACH payments. Banc Transactions serves the following industries: retail, restaurant, c-store/ petroleum, grocery stores, hotels, and internet payment processing environments. We are a single source payment processor.

Banc Transactions is committed to providing a high level of service for our customers. Our entire staff is dedicated to delivering our merchants unparalleled service. Specifically, there will always be a personalized agent to handle any issues. This is where Bank Transaction’s difference can be most notably experienced.

Our cutting edge technical knowledge allows us to work with complex payment processing environments; POS computer systems, multi-lane environments, and proprietary software programs. Additionally, our payment services may be transacted via satellite communication services and/ or internet communication services. Many times, Banc Transactions is able to find solutions to complex situations and deliver solutions quickly and affordably.

Banc Transactions, Inc. is a direct Visa® and MasterCard® credit card processor. We serve the payment needs for merchants and merchant associations. More
Banc Transactions, Inc. serves independent sales organizations. Our extensive knowledge, competitive pricing and cutting edge products equal more sales and higher margins for your sales office. More
Bankers know customers will do business with the financial institutions that can deliver the products they need. More

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