Bankers know customers will do business with the financial institutions that can deliver the products they need. Offering comprehensive banking products is becoming more and more essential. By offering credit card processing and payment services within your line of banking products, revenues are increased, deposits grow, and most of importantly, loyal relationships are built with your customers.

Partnering with Banc Transactions makes sense

Flexible Solutions
Many times finding a solution to a complex or unusual processing scenario is not readily available. Banc Transactions can offer the right processing solution for nearly any type of payment processing need. Your financial institution will be able to target markets other banks cannot. By leveraging the wide technical knowledge and resources of Banc Transactions, the merchant accounts you will be able to place include c-store/petroleum, multi-lane grocery and retail, and proprietary software applications for hotels, restaurants and e-commerce merchants.

Sub-Prime Merchant Accounts
If your Bank is currently processing credit cards, but has to turn down certain merchant accounts, Banc Transactions can help. Sub-prime customers can be placed with Banc Transactions, with no risk of liability to your financial institution.

Outsourced Sales and Service
By leveraging Banc Transactions sales force, your financial institution can increase its operating effectiveness and efficiency. Servicing merchants after the sale can be a cumbersome responsibility. Let Banc Transactions become your sales and service solution.

Risk Management
Banc Transactions offers both no liability and full liability merchant service programs to financial institution. Assessing the risk of merchant accounts can be difficult. Having the proper tools is essential. Banc Transactions offers both external and internal risk management software solutions. Your financial institution will be able to define parameters for fraud detection, perform automated merchant account monitoring, and detailed transaction monitoring.

Private Label Programs
If having continuity in your products and services is important to your merchant services operation, Banc Transactions can offer a private label solution for your financial institution. This includes branding of marketing materials and processing statements with your financials institutions name and logo.

Enhanced Reporting
Banc Transactions offers comprehensive web-based reporting and account management tools for your financial institution and for your banking customers. Transaction reports, statements, and online ordering can be performed via the online management tools.

Banc Transactions, Inc. is a direct Visa® and MasterCard® credit card processor. We serve the payment needs for merchants and merchant associations. More
Banc Transactions, Inc. serves independent sales organizations. Our extensive knowledge, competitive pricing and cutting edge products equal more sales and higher margins for your sales office. More
Bankers know customers will do business with the financial institutions that can deliver the products they need. More

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